• Cody Fuhrman

Scary Dairy: An Abandoned Farm Outside of Los Angeles

Updated: Aug 3

Decaying and graffiti-covered ruins of a farm once operated by patients from the nearby mental hospital.

Urban exploration in the City of Angels is hard to come by. With some of the highest property values in the country, it’s no surprise abandoned buildings are quickly swooped up by developers, leaving aspiring explorers like myself in the dust.

If you make your way an hour north of downtown Los Angeles, you’ll stumble upon a sleepy farming community that once housed the largest mental hospital in the world after its construction in 1932.

Originally part of the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, Scary Dairy is an abandoned dairy and vegetable farm once operated by the asylum’s psychiatric patients. Working with animals and cultivating crops proved therapeutic for them.

For reason’s unknown, the hospital closed Scary Dairy’s doors sometime in the sixties, letting its structures deteriorate into the beautiful state of decay pictured here.

I have always believed that ghosts tend to haunt the places they loved in life. Scary Dairy provided a sense of purpose for the patients who kept it going. I imagine it was a place of respite for them. A break from the day-to-day chaos of the asylum. This might explain the profoundly eerie energy enveloping the property.

Getting to Scary Dairy is a little tricky because it lacks an address. Fortunately, both Waze and iPhone Maps have the location pinpointed and can provide directions. You can also punch in the nearest cross streets: Camarillo Street & Old Dairy Road.

Due to statewide park closures, the adjacent parking lot was closed to vehicles when I went. I found parking along Camarillo Street and walked the .6 mile trail on foot.

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