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[Interview] Catching Up with Ghost Hunter Lindsey Cennamo of Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Five years ago, Lindsey Cennamo packed up her life in New York and headed West. She settled in Las Vegas, turning her passion for the metaphysical world into a profession when she founded Third Eye Paranormal Crew in August 2019 - and let me just tell you, she has some very creepy ghost stories to share...

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Cody - I'm from New York, too, and headed out West! I'm originally from Long Island: Glen Head/Locust Valley area in Nassau County. What about yourself?

Lindsey- I'm from Riverhead, which is way out East, almost by the Hamptons.

Cody - That's not far at all! So what would you say is the mission of Third Eye Paranormal Crew?

Lindsey- Our mission is to gather as much evidence as we can of the unknown to share with our fans. We also help out with residential cases.

Cody - Things must get pretty weird on residential cases. Can you tell me more about those?

Lindsey- I will sometimes work with my psychic friend, Samantha Rodman, on house clearings. She usually calls me to help whenever there's a paranormal element. Recently, we visited a home where a woman was experiencing paranormal activity and claimed it was her neighbor's fault. That same neighbor was apparently leaving dead animals on her lawn as well. So when we arrived to help her, we immediately noticed something wasn't right inside this home. She had a ton of ritualistic symbols all over the floor and the energy inside the home was insane, it almost felt like we were in a portal. I guess the neighbor had been using dark magic against our client who was then attempting to use dark magic in retaliation. We tried explaining that as long as she was practicing dark magic, she was inviting this dark energy into her home. When we left, Sam and I both looked at each other and realized we had no idea how much time had passed the whole time we were in that house. It felt like we were in this dark portal, it was really awful. After we left, Sam told me "There's no helping that lady. I can see it on her. Something bad is going to happen. There's not much we can do to help her." We decided then that we would never go back to that house.

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Cody - I just feel badly for whoever has to live in that house next. Yikes! So how did you first become interested in the paranormal field?

Lindsey - My interest began when I was very young, probably around 7 years old. After my great grandma passed, I saw her spirit. At the time, I didn't know what I had seen. I remember I was getting ready in the morning and saw someone walk into my sisters room. I went in to see who it was and saw my sister fast asleep. I went to my mom to describe what I had seen, including the dress the woman was wearing and all. It turns out that was the dress my grandma was buried in and my mom was shocked. In the years following, I would always venture off to abandoned locations such as Kings Park Asylum in Long Island, NY, where I used to live.

Cody - Kings Park Asylum sounds creepy. I am very jealous that you grew up near an abandoned mental hospital. I grew up on the other side of Long Island, near the old Eugenics Record Office & Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor. My dad and I used to go mountain biking in Cold Spring Harbor State Park which backs up to the old Eugenics Laboratory. Certainly not as spooky as Kings Park Asylum, but a tragic and embarrassing time in our country's history no less. Anyway, lets get back to ghosts. In one of your Instagram stories a few months back, you shared a terrifying story. You had recently come home from an investigation and awoke to an old woman in your room. Who or what was that?!

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Lindsey - For the past few years I have had this thing happen to me where I wake up and see a spirit in my room, in the form of a realistic person. They don’t appear as see-through or mist-like. They look absolutely real to me. I had woken up in the middle of the night and there was an old woman standing by my bed.

Cody - That's terrifying. Have you done anything to try and stop these occurrences from happening? When it comes to ghosts, I personally draw the line when they're inside my home. It feels like trespassing to me.

Lindsey - It's always really unexpected and comes in waves. When it first started happening to me, it would happen every night and it got to the point where I was afraid to fall asleep because the minute I shut my eyes, I knew I would be awoken by an apparition. Now it only happens every so often, usually after I've come back from an investigation.

Cody - So when you saw that old woman by your bed, had you just come back from an investigation?

Lindsey - Yes, I'd just come home from an investigation at the notoriously haunted Hotel Apache, which is on Fremont street in "Old Vegas."

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Cody - On the subject of investigations, what is the most unsettling thing to happen to you on a paranormal investigation?

Lindsey - The most unsettling thing that has happened to me was actually during a time when I was not even investigating. I was at the Clark County Museum, simply taking pictures for my social media. I was posing for a photo when something literally entered my body. I have never had something like this happen to me before and it’s never happened again since. It’s something that’s hard to believe until it happens to you. The best way to describe it was the feeling of someone sticking a straw in my ear, blowing as hard as they can, and me blacking out. My camera man told me I screamed and ran towards him. The next thing I remember was coming to, sitting on the floor across the room and I started crying. After this, even I was so drained and didn’t feel myself all day.

Cody - That sounds exactly like the behavior of Zak Bagans' possessed crew member in his documentary "Demon House." Any idea what you crossed paths with that day at the Clark County Museum?

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Lindsey - I have no idea what I crossed paths with that day at the Clark County Museum but it's the scariest thing to have ever happened to me and now when I go back there, I get PTSD. It was really a terrifying experience for me. I don't like going into the building it happened in.

Cody - Everything you are saying just makes me want to go there even more. Adding the Clark County Museum to my ghost hunting bucket-list. Speaking of, what location is on your bucket list?

Lindsey - Definitely the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. People have gotten some really crazy evidence there.

Cody - I've actually been on the official Queen Mary paranormal investigation and it is so much fun. I highly recommend. It starts very late, around 11pm, and goes all night. I think I got home around 6:00am and I was 7 months pregnant at the time. I remember getting home when it was light out and my husband thinking I was crazy for doing it. And the investigation was still going on when we left! My group ended up leaving right after we investigated the second-class swimming pool, which is haunted by the ghosts of two little girls who drowned sometime in the forties: Little Jackie and Sarah. The next day while reviewing my EVPs, I came across what I can only describe as some very unsettling and angry-sounding voices. Anyway, I was feeling particularly vulnerable in my pregnant-state and end up quickly deleting everything.

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Lindsey - I can see that, how your intuition would be heightened in pregnancy.

Cody - I always felt like I didn't have complete control over my emotions during my pregnancies, which left me feeling extra vulnerable to the spirits. It actually took listening to psychic/medium Patti Negri on the Wise Ass Advice Podcast for me to finally feel empowered in that department. I recommend that episode for anyone who wants to get into ghost hunting, especially if you're feeling unsure of yourself like I was. Negri helped me understand how much power I have, how much power all of us have really, when up against even the darkest of paranormal entities.

Lindsey - I gained a lot of insight about that from reading Patti's book "Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life You Love." She really helps you use the power within yourself, harnessing all of the natural elements like earth, water, fire and air. It's a great book for anyone looking to tap into their intuitive abilities.

Cody - I will have to read it! I saw you recently stayed at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA. You mentioned it was the scariest hotel room you've ever stayed in?

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew

Lindsey: Yes, I recently stayed at the very haunted Glen Tavern Inn in California. My friend Brandon Alvis from Ghost Hunters recommended that location. He actually lived there for about four years, I believe. I stayed there for two nights by myself in what is known as the most haunted room, where a woman died in the closet. The first night, all of my equipment kept going crazy, especially the REM Pod. Something startled me awake at one point and I could just see this noose hanging from the ceiling, accompanied by footprints going up the wall.

Cody: I can't believe you had to sleep in that room! I don't know if I could do that.

Lindsey: Yeah, it was difficult to sleep. Really fun too but I don't necessarily recommend sleeping somewhere you're investigating. It does not make for a peaceful night's rest.

Cody: I would have to agree with you there. Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Lindsey!

© Third Eye Paranormal Crew



Feb 01, 2021

I hope she gets to investigate Queen Mary in Long Beach. I have heard some spooky stories about that place.


Feb 01, 2021

I just became a fan of her. This lady is amazing to say the least.


Feb 01, 2021

It’s interesting to read some of the things that Lindsey has been through. I love how strong and brave she is.


Feb 01, 2021

Wow, Lindsey got interested in ghosts at the age of seven! At that age all I could think about were toys.


Feb 01, 2021

It takes a lot of courage to do Linsey’s job. Hats off to her.

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