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[Review] Horror Comedy "Jakob's Wife" Premieres Exclusively on Shudder

“Girl on the Third” Floor director Travis Stevens takes a bite at gallows humor in this hilarious vampire parody.

Barbara Crampton in Jakob's Wife courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

Spoiler-Free Summary

In Jakob’s Wife, Anne (Barbara Crampton) lives a quiet and predictable life married to the local minister Jakob (Larry Fessenden) until an ex-boyfriend (Robert Rusler) passes through their small town on a business trip and asks her out. Anne readily accepts his invitation to dinner, testing Jakob’s reaction as well as her own. Looking for a certain kind of trouble, the two former flames head to an abandoned warehouse after their date, quickly realizing they are not alone and the many rats scurrying at their feet are the least of their problems. As the local police (C.M. Punk & Jay DeVon Johnson) deal with a growing body count on top of a mysterious rat infestation, Anne & Jakob must decide if her newfound sense of confidence and an appetite to live a bigger and bolder existence is worth the death toll.

Larry Fessenden in Jakob's Wife courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

My Take

Mixing humor and horror is not an easy feat. As I think back to the black comedies I've seen in recent years, I struggle to come up with even a short-list of the ones I've personally found funny. Freaky and Little Evil are definitely on that list while several others that I had such high hopes for, like The Dead Don't Die orThe Hunt, did not align with my own sense of humor. Jakob's Wife is as funny as it is endearing, with many "laugh out loud" moments for horror fans out there like myself who sometimes enjoy a heaping dose of silly humor along with our standard dose of frights.

Larry Fessenden, Jay DeVon Johnson & C.M. Punk in Jakob's Wife courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

Where to Watch

Jakob's Wife will be available to stream exclusively on Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and supernatural content starting August 19, 2021. As a Shudder exclusive, the platform will be the only subscription service that will carry the film in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Mark Kelly & Bonnie Aarons in Jakob's Wife courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

The Credits

CAST: Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, Nyisha Bell, Jay DeVon Johnson, C.M. Punk, Mark Kelly, Sarah Lind, Robert Rusler & Bonnie Aarons

DIRECTOR: Travis Stevens

WRITERS: Travis Stevens, Mark Steensland & Kathy Charles

You can view the trailer for Jakob's Wife below!


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