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[Review] Real-Life Nightmare on the Big Screen in “A Savannah Haunting”

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Top-tier indie horror based on the terrifying events in William Mark McCullough's haunted childhood home.

Spoiler-Free Summary

A California family seeks out a fresh start in Savannah, GA after their youngest daughter has fallen victim to a tragic accident. Tasked with finding a new home for his wife and two children, Eric (Dean J. West) lands on a historic fixer-upper in a secluded area of town. As Rachel (Gena Shaw) works on settling into unfamiliar surroundings, she struggles with the guilt surrounding her daughter's death. They soon learn their new home has a sinister past when new friends are invited over for dinner (Brittney Level & Moses Jones). Paranormal occurrences, a visit from a Voodoo Priestess (Simbi Cali) and bizarre run-ins with neighbors (Tommi Rose & William Mark McCullough) leave the couple and their two kids (Nico Tirozzi & Anna Harriette Pittman) wondering why they ever left California.

The True Story

Savannah, Georgia has long carried a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Some say it all began when the city was built on top of a Native American burial ground. Others point to its bloody history that includes slavery, Civil War battles, epidemics and great fires. William Mark McCullough drew inspiration for his script from the real-life paranormal activity that plagued his family's Savannah home for decades. For added authenticity, the movie was shot inside the actual house. But filming in a haunted location presented challenges that had producer Alexis Michelle Nelson concerned for the safety of her cast and crew. Mediums identified a demon in one of the upstairs bedrooms that appeared to be more powerful than anything they'd ever encountered. With the help of a Voodoo Priestess, they were able to rid the home of this evil entity. After everything, the home was still very haunted but with demonic forces out of the picture, filming could now begin! Cast & crew were grabbed by unseen hands, lights would mysteriously turn on and off, equipment would go missing..and some were threatening to quit because it. Paranormal experts pointed to the land rather than the structure itself, which lined up with something historians had uncovered about the property - it once housed a plantation that burned to the ground.

My Take

A Savannah Haunting is paced perfectly. A slow burn but not boring. Plot twists that are not easily identified. Indie with a big-budget feel. Not your typical haunted house film but a southern gothic tale blending psychological horror and paranormal phenomena. Put this one on your 2022 watchlist!

Where to Watch

A Savannah Haunting is playing in select theaters and it is available to rent or purchase on all digital and VOD platforms.

The Credits

WRITER/DIRECTOR: William Mark McCullough

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Chris Feeney & Ken Hannigan

PRODUCERS: Alexis Nelson, Christina DeRosa, Guido Grimaldi, Matthew Imes, William Mark McCullough

CAST: Gena Shaw, Dean J. West, Anna Harriette Pittman, Nico Tirozzi, Tommi Rose, Brittney Level, Moses Jones, William Mark McCullough, Jaelyn Buffkin, Bill Winkler, Simbi Kali & Stephanie Lusk Donahue


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