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Zak Bagans Lists Los Angeles Home Where LaBianca Family was Slain By Manson Gang for 2.2 Million

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Just one year after buying the Los Feliz home where Rosemary and Leno LaBianca were killed by followers of Charles Manson, "Ghost Hunters" star Zak Bagans put the recently purchased property back on the market at 3311 Waverly Drive.

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Site of the Gruesome Manson Murders

It was August 10, 1969 and Los Angeles was abuzz with news of a grizzly murder-spree in Benedict Canyon: an 8.5 months pregnant Sharon Tate, coffee heiress Abigail Folger and their friends Jay Sebring and Wojciech Frykowski had been murdered at Sharon and husband Roman Polanski's home. Across town in Los Feliz, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were just arriving home from a day trip to Lake Isabella. Rosemary's sixteen year old son, Frank, should have been with them that night but as luck would have it, he wasn't with them when they pulled into the driveway of 3311 Waverly Dr. sometime after 1:00 am.

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Charles Manson was not far behind the LaBiancas that fateful night in 1969 and he had with him Leslie Van Houten, Steve Grogan, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian to help with his dirty work. He drove them to 3311 Waverly Drive because they'd all attended a party at the house next door the year prior and may have been casing the LaBianca home. Earlier that year, Rosemary LaBianca reported strange happenings to the police. The LaBiancas would arrive home to find objects moved and their dogs in the backyard, after leaving them inside. Rosemary and her husband were asleep when the Manson gang let themselves in through an unlocked back door and proceeded to fatally stab the pair with a steak knife, carving fork and chrome-plated bayonet.

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"Ghost Adventures" Star Purchases La Bianca Home (2019)

Formerly 3301 Waverly Drive, the address of the home was changed to 3311 Waverly Drive but the home's tragic past remains untouched. Redfin first listed the home on July 10, 2019 for $1,988,000 and Zak Bagans reportedly rushed to see the property and was one of the first to put in an offer. Bagans told People Magazine "Yes, the house has a very dark and gruesome history, but I was also intrigued by the energy I felt while there. It was mysterious and palpable." I also had a chance to speak with Jonathan Sharaf, the agent who represented Bagans in the 2019 sale, about the heavy energy consuming 3311 Waverly Drive.

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The home officially sold to Bagans for $1,888,888 on September 10, 2019. The number "8" is considered lucky in some Asian cultures so perhaps that explains the sale price in 2019. Despite changing owners over the years, much of the home's interior has remained the same since Rosemary and Leno LaBianca owned it in the sixties which originally attracted Bagans to the property. In 2019, he told TMZ past occupants have complained of paranormal activity inside the home throughout the years, including objects disappearing.

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Manson Murder House Back on the Market (2020)

First presented by Robert Giambalvo/Redfin Corporation, 3311 Waverly Drive went back on the market October 27, 2020 for $2,200,000. The online description made no mention of its sordid past "Very rare opportunity to own a home with breathtaking, unobstructed front and back views. This classic 1920's Los Feliz gated single story home with a pool is nestled in the prime location north of the Rowena Reservoir. Featuring front views of the Silver Lake hills and Downtown Los Angeles, while the rear offers Griffith Park, Glendale and the majestic San Gabriel Mountains."

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3311 Waverly Drive was briefly taken off the market on January 7, then re-listed on January 11 with a $200,000 price reduction and a new Redfin listing agent. Now presented by Arto Poladian/Redfin, 3311 Waverly Drive is currently listed for $1,999,000. With 2 beds/2 baths over a cozy 1,655 square feet, 3311 Waverly Drive comes out to a whopping $1,207 per square foot. Zak Bagans told TMZ he purchased the home in 2019 for a film production but ultimately changed his mind after spending time there.


He decided recently to sell the home out respect for the LaBianca family, whose tragic past should be left to rest. Earlier this month, their family yet again made headlines when a woman identified as Rosemary LaBianca's granddaughter, Ariana Jean Wolk, was murdered in her Denver apartment.

Ariana Jean Wolk was the daughter of Suzan Struthers La Berge, one of Rosemary LaBianca's two children. It was Suzan who discovered the bodies of her mother and Leno LaBianca, accompanied by her brother Frank, in the Los Feliz home currently listed by Redfin.

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