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[Fantastic Fest Review]"Bloodthirsty" Serves Up a Fierce Finale at Austin's Virtual Celebration

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Feminist director Amelia Moses brings us her latest feature film "Bloodthirsty" - a psychological werewolf thriller starring Lauren Beatty and Greg Bryk that asks "how far would you go for the sake of art?"

Image Courtesy of Fantastic Fest

"Bloodthirsty" follows Grey (Lauren Beatty) a pop star experiencing writer's block when she receives a mysterious letter from a legendary music producer, Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk). He wants to produce Grey's sophomore album but there's a catch - she must go and live at his home, a stone fortress surrounded by woods, while they're recording. Directed by Amelia Moses, "Bloodthirsty" is the Canadian filmmaker's second feature film and similar to her other work, explores female anxieties through a horror lens.

Image Courtesy of Fantastic Fest

"Bloodthirsty" is fraught with the kind of anxiety-inducing scenarios women are all too familiar with. Grey moves into the music producer's home with her girlfriend (Katharine King So) in tow and things quickly turn inappropriate as Vaughn plies the sober singer with alcohol and hallucinogens. Convinced Grey's prescription meds are stifling her creativity, Vaughn bullies her into going cold turkey, simultaneously denying and stigmatizing her illness. Her career in mind, Gray succumbs to the producer's demands, in what is more or less a form of workplace harassment.

Image Courtesy of Fantastic Fest

"Bloodthirsty" looks at art and considers just how far someone is willing to go in the pursuit of it. As Gray's music progresses, her inner demons take on a more literal form but do not lose their metaphoric significance. Gray begins to lose sight of herself, transforming into a powerful beast that yearns for blood.

Image Courtesy of Fantastic Fest

This film really spoke to me. At one point over an awkward dinner, Gray is forced to explain her vegan lifestyle and relates a story about finding out where meat came from at the age of six and refusing to eat it thereafter. Funny enough, I did exactly that when I was four years old, abstaining from meat for the next fourteen years. I eat some meat now but for my entire childhood I was the only vegetarian in my family.

"Bloodthirsty" had its worldwide premiere at Fantastic Fest on October, 1 2020.

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