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My Favorite Short Films at Fantasia 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As Fantasia Film Festival comes to an end, here are my favorite shorts from this year's incredible lineup.

1. Abracitos (Spain, World Premiere)

Director: Tony Morales

An unexpected phone call in the middle of the night shatters siblings Laura (Beatriz Salas) and Ainara's (Carmen Salas) world. Meanwhile, a sinister being (Virginia Gómez) lurks in the shadows of their bedroom, preying on their vulnerability.

2. Changeling (United Kingdom, Quebec Premiere)

Director: Faye Jackson

"Changeling" reminds me of"We Need to Talk About Kevin" at first. A mother (Lara Belmont) cannot bond with her newborn baby, who starts to exhibit unusual signs. Then things get weird.

3. Children of Wrath (Canada, Canadian Premiere)

Director: Joshua Boles

When a man (Jonathan Watton) realizes his wife (Madeleine Sims-Fewer) is having an affair (Steven Love) his jealousy gets the better of him and he decides to take revenge. "Children of Wrath" is an unsettling short that will certainly make you think twice about what your loved ones may be capable of.

4. Diabla (Mexico, Canadian Premiere)

Director: Ashley George

When Nayeli (Ruth Ramos) is raped at just 17 years old, her family turns a blind eye to the assault. She turns to a local clan of witches to exercise revenge through her unrealized power.

5. Dibbuk (France, Canadian Premiere)

Director: Dayan D. Oualid

"Dibbuk" is a truly beautiful film, mostly simply put, about a Jewish exorcism. Dan (Dayan D. Oualid) a pious man living in the nineteenth district of Paris, is called by Sarah (Sophie Arama) to check on her husband Eli (Michael Charny) who is clearly possessed by a demon. Dan then unites a Minyan to perform an exorcism.

6. Imagine a World (Canada, Montreal Premiere)

Director: Joanna Tsanis

A door-to-door Internet salesman (Robert Notman) cons his way into a family home, refusing to leave until he's made his sale. Not long after inviting him in, the residents (Gina O. James, Tevin Wolf) suspect the man is not what he seems. The moral of the story here is not to let strangers into your home, despite how enticing the wifi signal sounds.

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Brian Gutierrez
Brian Gutierrez
Jan 24, 2021

Where do you watch short films?

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