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Review "The Rental": Worth the Security Deposit

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

A super host with a killer listing.

Photo courtesy of Texas Art & Film

In a strong directorial debut from Dave Franco, a secluded weekend getaway takes a sinister turn as two couples realize there’s a peeping tom lurking in the shadows of their oceanside vacation rental. “Home sharing is one of these concepts where, if you take a step back, we’re really putting a lot of trust in strangers” said Franco, who imagined “The Rental” with those fears in mind.

Photo courtesy of IFC Films

Beginning like an eerie relationship drama, “The Rental” slowly morphs into something darker and of the slasher variety, with enough POV to remind the audience of its intent.

Sure, it has a few clichés. There’s just enough sexual promiscuity, drug use and female assertion to make you wonder if Michelle (Alison Brie), her husband Charlie (Dan Stevens), his brother Josh (Jeremy Allen White) and girlfriend Mina (Sheila Vand) had it coming to them.

Photo courtesy of IFC Films

Rather, this feels more like a punishment aimed at privilege. “Shit, is that per night?” Mina (Sheila Vand) asks, looking at the online listing. “Fuck it. We need it” she decides.

Moody and atmospheric, with sweeping views of the pristine Oregon coastline, “The Rental” teeters between slow burning melodrama and some very unexpected and totally awesome jump scares.

Photo courtesy of IFC Films

As more people are turning to vacation rentals to avoid crowded hotels, “The Rental” will certainly make you think twice about your next homestay.

Serving up a chilling and relentless account of first world problems gone wrong, it is easily one of the genre’s best of the year and well worth the rental.

Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

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