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The Horror Film Everyone on Netflix is Watching

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Yesterday, Canadian horror movie "What Keeps You Alive" became the ninth most-watched film on the streaming platform.

Image Courtesy of SensaCine

Just three days after its Netflix premiere, Colin Minihan's film reached their coveted Top 10 list and there's no doubt in my mind it deserves to be there. Released back in 2018, "What Keeps You Alive" made a big splash at SXSW but otherwise flew under the radar for many horror fans, myself included.

Full disclosure, I am not always the biggest fan of lower budget films. I have a background in production and my standards are high. With even the slightest whiff of mediocre acting or set design, I'm out. I love Netflix for this very reason - when it comes to their indie films, we're typically on the same page. Their highly curated selection is usually top notch and "What Keeps You Alive" is no different. And if not, there are 5,000 other titles to choose from.

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"What Keeps You Alive" begins like some of my slow-burning favorites, eerie and beautiful. Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) and her wife Jules (Brittany Allen) head to a secluded cabin on a lake. They are there celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

But the pace does not remain that way for long. In an instant, their romantic weekend is turned upside down and the next 75 minutes is as tense as it is terrifying. If you somehow missed this film back when it was released (like me), put this on your Netflix watchlist immediately.

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Samara Watson
Samara Watson
Aug 09, 2020

I loved this one! Thanks for the recommendation


Danielle Schwartz
Danielle Schwartz
Aug 05, 2020

I’ll have to check this one out!

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